Quotes to Think About

BeachCarol Gautschi

  • “Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.”
  • “Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.”
  • “Our affections bribe our discernment.”
  • “Good prenatal care is really what you think and do between visits!”
  • “Our mind can know but our heart not believe.”

St. Augustine of Hippo
Numidian-born philosopher and theologian (A.D. 354-430)

  • “Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.”
  • “A thing is not necessarily true because badly uttered, nor false because spoken magnificently.”
  • “God bless you extravagantly, without measure, and for absolutely no reason.”

Carol’s Husband’s Grandma

  • “You can get use to anything, but hangin from your neck!”

Joan of Arc
A peasant girl born in eastern France, national heroine of France and a Catholic saint (A.D 1412-1431)

  • “We’re all in Gods hands, even those to whom choose to think otherwise.”
  • “To believe yourself brave is to be brave; it is the one essential thing.”
  • “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

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  1. Carol is the greatest midwife anyone could ever hope to have. She brought my son into this world fourteen years ago and the wisdom that she shared with us in that year has lasted a life time. Carol knows more about herbal remedies than any Naturopath I have seen. Thank you Carol for everything that you bring to the world, and thank you for the gentle birth and care that you provided my son.

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