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A Warm Hello,

Eating per my recommendations and using the Herbal Infusion has improved the well-being and health of my clients and their babies for over forty years. This standard of healthy care is both preventative and proactive – Your baby and your body will thank you!

When you choose a prenatal vitamin please choose a “food form” brand as opposed to those often made with a coal-tar base. Here are some final recommendations, unless you have other specific needs inherent to this pregnancy.

Vitamin C

At least 300-500mg daily

  • lowers risk of PROM (premature rupture of membranes):
  • lowers incidence of PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension)
  • lowers incidence of UTI’s (urinary tract infections)

Citrus Bioflavanoids

You may take between 1,200mg daily

  • Arterial, venal integrity
  • Integrity of amniotic sac
  • Immune system health
  • In addition eat foods high in bioflavanoids

Probiotic (Fem-Dophilus®)

Diet is not enough. Multiple forces disturb our normal bacteria flora ie. chlorinated water, antibiotics in foods, anti-inflammatory, fast foods, travel, exposure to new infective organisms, etc.

  • 70% of your immune system is in your gut
  • Promotes digestion
  • Helps to best digest dairy
  • Helps make enzymes and digest nutrients
  • Creates some immunization against harmful bacteria

Vitamin D3 taken with K2

D3: 5,000 iu

If you are pregnant during the time of year that you won’t be getting sunshine, you should be taking 5,000 iu’s daily.

Vitamin K2

(Together with D3)
K2: 100 mcg

Prevents the inappropriate calcification that higher doses of D3 alone could cause.

Omega Three Fish Oil (Nordic Naturals)

  • Brain nerve health
  • Eye vision health
  • Immune system health
  • Radiant healthy Skin
  • Joint health

ATTENTION: Stop taking omega three’s when you’re 36 WEEKS pregnant OR YOU MAY GO OVERDUE!

Fresh air with deep breathing & Earthing!

The way you feel, in every way, at the beginning of your pregnancy is usually much different than the way you will feel at the end of your pregnancy. Choose your habits well and you will not regret the consequences of those choices.

…and don’t forget to COMMUNICATE WITH your BABY!!! This is part of your baby’s emotional food! Say “I’m sorry” when you are and give her/him much love and blessings. Her personality is being formed and you can be such a big part of her life even now!

Many blessings and have a wonderful discovery of yourselves and this new little life within!