Midwife Carol

Carol Gautschi is a Certified Professional Midwife (NARM certified) and is also licensed by the state of Washington. Carol is the longest continuously practicing home-birth midwife on the Kitsap & Olympic Peninsulas. She has attended home births for more than 40 years and worked as a Classical Holistic Midwife since 1979.

Carol has been married since 1974 to Paul (of backtoedenfilm.com), and has 7 children and 12 grands! Carol Gautschi is well-respected in the midwifery community. She trained in California with, among others, Dr. Nial Ettinghausen in the 1970s and early 1980s. She is president and co-founder of the  Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery (WARM), founding and board-member of Global Midwifery Council and chairs Olympic Peninsula Birth Matters.  Previously she was chairwoman of Childbearing Ministries in Washington State.

My Testimony

As a well-experienced senior midwife, Carol has taught midwifery skill workshops and passes on her expertise and wisdom in the time-honored tradition of apprenticeship. She has been teaching globally for Midwifery Today since the 1990s. Carol is an inspiring teacher, having taught on the art of midwifery here in the States, and in many countries abroad. Her teaching style is characterized as unique because in addition to the nuts and bolts of the profession, she also emphasizes the unseen (or intuitive) realm of birth. She fosters the importance of the midwife relationship not just with the mom but also with the baby.



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